Sustainable Strategies for HSPs:

Revamp Your Business and Reclaim Your Time and Energy

April 6th, 11 aM AEST / April 5th, 6 pM PDT

Are you an HSP, empath or introvert who's tired of feeling overwhelmed and drained by your business? It's time to take a step back and reassess your approach. Join me in this free training to learn how you can start creating a sustainable, fulfilling business that truly supports your HSP nature.

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Here's what you'll take away from this powerful training ...

Understand the pillars that you need to build a sustainable business that is aligned with your energy as an HSP.

Why creating a simple, repeatable, evergreen system allows you to work less, while earning more.

How to multiply your efforts by repurposing your content.

Why your mindset is just as important as your business strategy.

Hi, I'm Rose

Why listen to me?

I have been in the online business world since 1999. First running my own Web Development Business for over 20 years then in 2018, I retrained to run an online RTT and coaching business.

What I'm sharing in this masterclass is based on what I've been doing in my own businesses and sharing with the many clients I've worked closely with over the years.

These are proven frameworks and strategies grounded in research, experience and knowledge.

I am also ...

  • HSP, empath, introvert.
  • Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist.
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist.
  • ICF-credentialed and Certified Human Potential Coach and 3 Brains Coach.
  • CPD-Certified Online Business Consultant and Energy Practitioner.
  • Founder of The HSP Business School.
  • Founder of The Sensitive CEO Show.

I came to Rose because I couldn’t get traction in my business. Rose systematically took me through her magic yet very logical system. I got clear on my unique positioning and what social media channels suited me. For the first time it felt like the Wizard of Oz curtains were being peeled back to reveal the secret ingredients behind every thriving business.

Sacha Chapman
Sacha Chapman
Embodied Empowerment Coach and Speaker, Germany

Rose has been instrumental in my growth as a coach. As an HSP, Rose is skilled at recognizing self-sabotage, and coaches me to a place of confidence, motivation, and action. Being as diverse and knowledgeable as she is, I am able to ask her questions and she provides resources and tools, as needed. I am so excited to see what this next part of the journey will be after I complete The HSP Business School. Thank you for your support and wonderful coaching skills, and mainly how you genuinely care!

Lori Bohning
Lori Bohning
Transformational Life Coach, United States

Sustainable Strategies for HSPs:

Revamp Your Business and Reclaim Your Time and Energy