The HSP Business School - Self Study Program

For Highly Sensitives, Introverts and Empaths who are ready to thrive in your online business so you can earn more while working less.


Is this you?

Do you sometimes feel like you're  spinning your wheels, unable to make progress towards your goals? Maybe you've tried everything you can think of, but nothing seems to be working. It's a frustrating and hopeless feeling, and it's all too common for HSP business owners who are struggling with a variety of challenges.

Perhaps you've been using non-HSP, extroverted strategies that just don't feel right for you. Or maybe you're unsure of who your ideal client even is, leaving you feeling lost and aimless in your marketing efforts. And let's not forget the overwhelm and exhaustion that comes from trying to do it all on your own, without the right knowledge or skill set.

All of these challenges can leave you feeling like you're never going to achieve your dreams. It's a tough spot to be in, and it can be hard to see a way out. But don't lose hope - with the right guidance and support, there is a way forward. It may not be easy, but remember that you are capable of overcoming these challenges and achieving success on your own terms.


How would it feel ...

Imagine if you could wake up every morning feeling energised and excited to tackle your day, knowing that your online business is thriving and sustainable. No longer would you have to struggle with feeling drained from using the wrong strategies that didn't align with your HSP, introverted, or empathic nature. By implementing the strategies in this program, you would have more time and energy to devote to the things that matter most to you.

Picture yourself confidently signing new clients and building meaningful relationships with them, knowing that your unique skills and strengths as an HSP, introvert, or empath are what sets you apart in the online business world. By embracing your authentic self, you could finally unlock the full potential of your business and attract clients who value and appreciate your unique approach.

With a sustainable online business that supports your lifestyle and values, you could experience a newfound sense of freedom and purpose. Imagine having the time and resources to pursue your passions, travel the world, or simply spend more quality time with your loved ones. By taking the leap to work smarter, not harder, you can unlock a wealth of possibilities and achieve the business and life of your dreams.


The HSP Business School

Are you ready to create a business and life that you love from the inside out, without draining your energy?

With The HSP Business School, you'll gain the knowledge, skills and support to:

  • Confidently market your services and create sustainable revenue streams that don’t drain your energy.
  • Discover how to sign more clients and work with people who value your services.
  • Develop the skills, strategies and creative approaches to make your business stand out from the competition.

Say goodbye to overwhelm and exhaustion, and start building a sustainable business that creates an income and gives you the freedom to make choices and reach your full potential.

With The HSP Business School, you can tap into the power of your unique gifts to achieve success and make a difference, without compromising your wellbeing.

Join our self-study program today and let's start your journey towards success!

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This is for you if ...

You have amazing gifts to share with the world, yet you struggle with the right business strategies and tools needed to get everything set up for your online business. 

You have so much to give the world through your work but you sometimes feel challenged by having the right mindset so you can confidently step into your own.

You have a deep desire to make a difference while creating abundance in all areas of your life so you can be, do and have all the things that matter most to you, your family and others.

You know you can reach this level of success and you just need some guidance to show you the right way to do it that is sustainable and in alignment with your energy and your soul.

You are purpose driven and you want to align your business with your values.

You are tired of methods, formulas and strategies that are made for non-sensitive, extroverted entrepreneurs.

You are someone who has built somebody else’s version of a successful business that isn’t aligned with you as a highly sensitive person, or your capacity.


Who Am I?

I have been in the online business world since 1999. First running my own Web Development Business, where I specialised in WordPress.

I then pivoted to train in the Rapid Transformational Therapy™️ method with Marisa Peer in 2018 advancing and deepening my skills in this area with further training in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy as well as becoming an ICF-credentialed, Certified Human Potential Coach, 3 Brains Coach and CPD-Certified Online Business Coach, Consultant and Energy Practitioner.

Combining this very unique blend of skills and experience, I founded The HSP Business School so I could help others by sharing my knowledge and expertise.

This program provides all the business strategies, frameworks and mindset work needed to grow and scale an online service based business without draining your energy. I wanted to create an environment where HSPs can thrive, and have the tools and resources needed to feel empowered and to succeed.

As an HSP, introvert and empath myself, I understand the unique challenges we face and the struggles we go through to get our offerings out into the world.

I'm passionate about helping HSPs, introverts and empaths unlock their superpowers and build a profitable online business. I want to not only help them grow their business, but also to help them find joy and fulfilment in their work.

So if you're an HSP, introvert or empath looking to grow a profitable online business and make your mark on the world, The HSP Business School can help you achieve your goals. I'm here to help you find the joy and success you deserve.


What you will experience inside The HSP Business School

The Exploration Expansion™️

Gain unique insight into your market with deep research to futureproof your business. Get the data you need to hone in on unmet client needs and design products and services for the rapidly changing world.

The Foresight Formula™️

Turn your goals into a unique and powerful business that is fully aligned with your mission, vision and values, enabling you to create a thriving business that is both meaningful and financially rewarding.

The Offer Clarity Code™️

Design your perfectly structured offers that meet the needs of you and your clients and the pricing models that ensure recurring revenue and profit allowing you to grow and scale your business without being overwhelmed.

The Magic Marketing + Sales System™️

Create an effective marketing and sales strategy that is aligned with your sensitive nature by combining evergreen marketing and soulful sales to generate ongoing success that will increase your visibility and attract more clients. 

The Simplification Strategy™️

Streamline your processes and reduce the burden of ‘doing it all’, adjust the way you work to better meet your individual needs so you will be able to combine focus and efficiency to create a healthier and more rewarding business for yourself.

The Triumph Technique™️

Amplify your business and create a roadmap to bring your vision to life, leveraging your individual strengths so you can confidently develop your own successful business strategies tailored to your unique goals and capabilities.


Each month, you'll have a new Rapid Transformational Therapy Hypnosis recording specifically tailored to each module, helping you clear any subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs. 


A comprehensive self-study online program covering research, strategy, marketing and sales, offer creation, business operations, financials, team development, quarterly planning and more. 


Your private membership portal gives you lifetime access to the program so you can revisit, refine and layer your strategies as you grow and scale your online business.

They Say

What They Say

The ability to overcome our internal limitations is the key to creating a successful business

Leonard Hight

The HSP Business School has truly impressed me with its well-structured and thoughtfully designed approach. The program is divided into modules that are presented in a sequential and logical order. This enables learners to systematically acquire the essential skills and knowledge required to establish a thriving business.

What makes this program unique for me is the focus on addressing deep-seated limiting beliefs, recurring patterns, and other psychological barriers that can impede our progress. With the help of tools and techniques provided by Rose, I have been able to overcome these inner obstacles that can often be a major hindrance to achieving success in business. Having undergone other business programs in the past, I can confidently say that the ability to overcome our internal limitations is the key to creating a successful business.

Leonard Hight -BUSINESS COACH 

Ruth Relf

The HSP Business School was exactly what I needed as someone who is new to entrepreneurship. This program has a step-by-step process from defining your ideal client through to what your vision and business goals are, how to do the marketing, and how to set your business up for the future. What sets Rose apart is her understanding of what it's like to be a highly sensitive person and an entrepreneur who wants to build their business intentionally and authentically. Unlike other programs I've seen, there's no pressure to get as many clients or make as much money as quickly as possible. Rose's approach is different, and it's what I needed to get started with confidence and clarity. If this is what you are looking for I highly recommend checking out the HSP Business School!

Marju Joesaar

The HSP Business School has been a lifesaver for me! I was struggling with technical issues and lacked self-confidence, but Rose's tools and advice helped me overcome those obstacles. Thanks to her program, I now have a clear vision and a determination to achieve my mission. I feel confident and motivated to make an impact with my work. The RTT hypnosis was a game-changer for me. Rose is an amazing coach and mentor. She's patient, supportive, and knows exactly how to guide you toward success. If you're looking for a program that will help you accomplish your dreams, look no further than The HSP Business School!

Marju Jõesaar, CHildren's Yoga Teacher

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2. Online Business Strategies for Highly Sensitive People - HSP Business School
3. Grow Your Heart-Based Business with Ease - HSP Business School Self Study Program
4. Empowering HSPs, Introverts, and Empaths in Online Business - HSP Business School
5. Mindset Work and Business Frameworks for HSPs in Online Business
6. Online Business Growth Made Easy for Highly Sensitive People - HSP Business School
7. Entrepreneurial and Purpose-Driven HSPs: Thrive in Online Business with HSP Business School
8. Unlock Your Potential: HSP Business School for Online Business Success with The Genius Journey™️


What to expect

As an HSP in business, you can experience the powerful benefits and positive results of The HSP Business School.

Our unique curriculum is designed to take you on a journey through our step-by-step framework, The Genius Journey™️. 

Each of the six months has a powerful module including video trainings, workbooks, frameworks, systems, templates, checklists, and an accountability system.

When you join The HSP Business School, you're not just buying into a program – you’re investing in your future.


Invest in your Future with the HSP Business School


Still Have Questions?

Why is this specifically for HSPs?

I designed this program in a way that cuts down on decision fatigue and overwhelm.

Inside are proven frameworks that have been used for over 20 years and you can mix and match them in an HSP friendly way.

I also have included tools and techniques to support your energy and your nervous system. We cover boundaries, how to protect your energy, how to best schedule and use your time and more.

What if I fall behind?

I have designed the program to be in bite-sized trainings and you will have plenty of time each month to complete the exercises.

My intention is for you to complete the program within the 6 months and start implementing things straight away so you can make your investment back and more.

However, if you fall behind for any reason, you will have lifetime access to the curriculum so you can revisit the trainings and materials as often as you need. You will also have the opportunity for discounted support should you need it. 

I’m brand new to business, is this right for me?

The self-study program suitable for any stage of your business. Whether you're brand new and just coming up with your first idea or if you have established business and you're ready and grow and scale to the next level.

Many of the modules you can revisit once you start scaling as you have lifetime access to the core curriculum.

For example, The Offer Clarity Code™️ will help you to design new offers as you grow and scale and as your capacity increases.  

Do I get access to all of the modules straight away?

If you pay in full, you will receive immediate access to the entire program.

If you pay monthly, you will receive access to Module 1 (plus the Start Here module) straight away. Each subsequent module will be released in your private membership portal each month.

What types of learning materials are included in The HSP Business School's training program?

I understand that everyone has different learning styles and preferences. That's why I have created a variety of learning materials to cater to your individual needs.

Here's what you can expect:

  1. Video Trainings: Engage in comprehensive video lessons that cover the core concepts, strategies, and techniques. 
  2. Downloadable Slides: Accompanying the video trainings, you'll have access to downloadable slides. These slides summarize key points, visuals, and diagrams, making it easier for you to follow along and retain important information.
  3. Workbooks: Put your knowledge into action with our interactive workbooks. These workbooks provide exercises, activities, and prompts to help you apply the concepts learned in the training program to your specific business goals and challenges.
  4. Additional Course Materials: You'll also receive a range of supplementary course materials, such as frameworks, systems, templates, and checklists. These resources are designed to support you in implementing the strategies and techniques taught in the program.
  5. Downloadable RTT Hypnosis Audios: All of the RTT hypnosis audios are provided for you to download to your computer or mobile devices so you can play these without having to be connected to the internet. Especially important if you listen when you are sleeping!

By offering a diverse range of learning materials, including video trainings, downloadable slides, workbooks, and additional course materials, we ensure that you have the flexibility to engage with the content in a way that suits your learning style best.

Is there any additional support available beyond the course materials provided in The HSP Business School's program?

I understand that some participants may require additional support on their entrepreneurial journey which is why I offer one-on-one sessions.  

With my extensive experience as a Business Coach and Strategist, these sessions are tailored to your specific needs. We can arrange one-off sessions or extended support if necessary, all at discounted rates exclusively for students of The HSP Business School.

Whether you're looking to navigate challenges, fine-tune your strategies, or accelerate your progress, I'm here to assist and support you. For more information on pricing, please reach out via our contact form.

How long do I have access to the program?

You’ll have lifetime access to everything in the core curriculum including any future updates and additions.

How much time will I need each week?

I suggest that you block out 2-4 hours a week to work on the training in your current month's module. For some exercises, you may want to dive deeper and I have given you options for this.

If you are brand new to business, you may need extra time to set things up.

What is the refund policy for The HSP Business School?

At The HSP Business School, we strive to provide a valuable and transformative learning experience for all our participants. However, due to the nature of the downloadable content and learning materials provided in our program, we are unable to offer refunds.

Once you gain access to our program and receive the downloadable materials, they become immediately available for your personal use. As these materials cannot be returned or revoked, we cannot provide refunds.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out via our Contact form. We are here to assist you and provide additional information to help you make an informed decision about joining The HSP Business School.

I have another question that isn't answered here.

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please send me a message via the Contact form and I'll get back to you asap.


What’s included in this investment?

  • The Exploration Expansion™️: precise research to futureproof your business 
  • The Foresight Formula™️: create a business model that aligns with your mission, your vision, your values and your goals in a soul-aligned way
  • The Offer Clarity Code™️: design your aligned offers and pricing for recurring revenue and profit 
  • The Magic Marketing + Sales System™️: evergreen marketing and soulful sales to align with your sensitive nature
  • The Simplification Strategy™️: streamline your operations so you're not burning out
  • The Triumph Technique™️: amplify your business sustainability and implement your roadmap to success 
  • Monthly RTT Hypnosis specifically crafted to go with each module to help clear any mindset blocks
  • Each month has a powerful module including video trainings, workbooks, frameworks, systems, templates, checklists and other resources

Ready - Let's go!